About TEV


Mr. Vehbi KoçIn the face of economic stabilization programs, which had to be applied in our country in the past, and their high social costs, the conditions were not suitable for the Government to meet the increasing needs and requirements in the field of education. Therefore, it is of great importance, particularly nowadays while our public resources are insufficient, that everyone and especially the wealthy citizens support as much as they can the solutions which are needed to solve the fundamental problems in our national education.

Thus, on May 4th, 1967 under the leadership of Mr. Vehbi Koç, TEV has been established with this mission by 205 benefactors devoted for a better education. That day, TEV's founders made a call to our people's noble hearts. "We have established this foundation to ensure both, the continuity of this movement and the stability of the revenue sources, while believing in the followings,

The youngsters in our country who wish to study and have insufficient financial strengths but deserve all sorts of attention and help should be able to get their desired education.

Educational opportunities should be available to all young people in order to provide equal rights to everyone. At the same time, equal rights are one of the main measures which will ensure the realization of social justice.

Regardless of the fact that it is a constitutional obligation of the Government to provide free and compulsory primary education, this remains unresolved despite all kind of efforts and two-fifth of the children do not have the possibilities to go to school.

Apart from the reality that middle and high school education is not only the service of the Government, our special requirements and realities has made the unit of education a load on the shoulders of the Republican Government for a very long time.

Because of these reasons we have taken into consideration that it is an inevitable civic duty of businessmen, intellectuals, and our people to share, support and take over some of the heavy and severe responsibilities of the Government and with these thoughts in mind, we have believed in the need to start an educational movement.