Domestic Scholarships

National Scholarships

TEV provides scholarships to technical and vocational high school, vocational higher education school, college, university, Master's and Doctorate students who are talented, devoted to the principles and reforms of Atatürk but need financial support. Scholars are selected by scholarship committees which are formed in each educational intuition and contain one representative from TEV.

While 119 students had benefited from TEV's scholarships in its establishment year, since then the number of scholars has reached 237.586 in total. Students who want to benefit from a scholarship have to submit to their educational institution between October 1st-31st the required documents together with the hardcopy of the form they have to fill out on TEV's web site.

In addition to the students who are selected by their educational institutions, TEV gives scholarships to students who have qualified for a higher education while accommodating in disabled and orphans dorms, and to children whose families have been impacted by natural disasters.

Similar to the earthquakes experienced in the past, Turkish Educational Foundation has given scholarships to 4041 students who were affected in 1999 by the earthquake in Marmara, 1000 students impacted in 2002 by the earthquake in Afyon, and 100 students who have experienced the 2003 Bingöl earthquake. Successful students are eligible to receive scholarships throughout their education under the provision of TEV's scholarship regulations.

Students' scholarships will be prolonged until the end of their education, if students are rated each year successfully by their educational institutions. Scholarships will be terminated if students perform unsatisfactorily, receive scholarships from other institutions or if it has been determined that students do not meet TEV's scholarship criteria.

In addition to the existing scholarship programs, TEV encourages success by endowing its scholars with the "Outstanding Success Award" if their education has been finished as defined by the Domestic Scholarships and Awards Regulation.

Scholarships are paid over a period of 9 months between October and June. Increases are made every year in October.

2017-2018 School Year - (October-June )
Primary and Secondary Education 200.-TL
University 510.-TL
Master's 850.-TL
PhD 1.150.-TL

TEV's scholarships for studies in Turkey are complimentary but, as a general rule, scholars agree to pay back after graduation when their career begins the amount paid by TEV for their scholarship, or accept to provide a scholarship to another student via TEV or, as a last option, identify someone else who is going to make donations to TEV. Because this is considered as an obligation of conscience, each scholar signs a document of conscious responsibility.

TEV has started at its 40th anniversary to provide in addition to the existing financial scholarship programs, for the first time in Turkey, a scholarship for outstanding success in order to support the development of tomorrow's leaders. Currently there are 166 students who are receiving the TEV Outstanding Success Award. Students, whose ranking is within the first 2000 in the categories MF1, MF2, MF3, MF4, TM1, TM2, TM3, TS1, TS2 of the LYS exam and who have moved into their second year, are able to apply to the 'Outstanding Success Scholarship'. Additionally, applicants need to fulfill all necessary requirements which also include being influential in terms of change management.

The students, who want to benefit from TEV's Outstanding Success Scholarship and believe that they have leadership skills, should fill out the relevant form on our website between 20 August and 15 September, print it out and bring it together with all required documents to TEV. Each student who qualifies for this scholarship will receive in total 9.500TL in the academic year 2012-2013 (over a period of 9 months).

Students, who apply for this scholarship, are first subjected to a pre-selection. Short-listed candidates are called to the exam centers for writing an essay. Afterwards, the ones who have passed the essay writing test will be invited for an interview by our committee, which consists of professors and seniors from different universities. Those who study in the field of arts will be selected by specialized faculty members who will assess the live / concert performance.