TEV's Values

TEV's Values


  • Adhering to the principles of Atatürk while being modern, secular and democratic
  • Acting independent and unconnected.
  • Being conscious about public morality and responsibility in terms of education
  • Being open, honest and transparent
  • Being sincere and reliable
  • Being liable to national and international values


These are TEV’s new objectives which will contribute to the establishment of environments which will allow our people to reach the ideal of a modern Turkey and will support the development of mankind.

  • To grant scholarships to more students who are successful but need financial support
  • To reward more students, who have leadership skills to play a vital role in the future of the country, with the Outstanding Success Award.
  • To educate more gifted young people at TEVİTÖL in order to acquire this valuable potential in our country.
  • To increase the number of dormitories for girl students
  • To open in every corner of our country where needed primary schools, dormitories, and training centers.
  • To support social responsibility projects.


To bring our human resources to a position, where they can create information and use that know-how.


To support an educational system which will impact to the development of young people and to back those pioneering and successful youngsters, who will contribute to our country and humanity, but lack financial possibilities.


Provide scholarships to students who are successful but in need of financial help; support the educational system by constructing schools, dormitories, educational institutions, and libraries; give awards to promote students’ works; and carry out scientific researches in the field of education.

What we have achieved in 48 years

244.586 domestic scholarships

1.905 scholarships for abroad studies,

One kindergarten,

15 elementary schools,

1 Anatolian Teacher High School

2 Anatolian High Schools

3 girl dormitories,

1 CPK-purpose community center,

1 apprenticeship training center,

1 library

TEV İnanç Türkeş Private High School (TEVİTÖL) – since 2001 part of TEV




Wreath and ‘happy day’ donations

Monetary donations from individuals and institutions