International Scholarships

National ScholarshipsTEV gives scholarships for abroad studies since 1969 in order to enrich the source of manpower in our country and to support the development of senior executives and specialized people who are highly needed in Turkey.

TEV scholars study at the best universities in the US and in European countries and are usually among the most successful students at their universities. TEV is cooperating with several international organizations and institutions in regards to the scholarships for abroad studies.

Application to TEV Scholarships for Abroad Studies and the Selection Process:

1. TEV's Master's Degree scholarships for abroad studies are published all over Turkey every year in September or October in Turkey's biggest newspapers for two days. Moreover, until the end of November, those scholarships are published on our web site. Additionally, related faculties will receive it as an announcement.

2. Students who want to apply for a scholarship need to apply to TEV within the predetermined application period.

3. Scholarship candidates will be evaluated based on their GPA during their higher education, their proficiencies in foreign languages, exam results measuring their professional knowledge, interview results and their financial situation. The interview commission will be formed by faculty members based on the areas the majority of the candidates have applied for.

4. Following aspects are expected from the scholarship applicants:

  • To be a citizen of the Turkish Republic and under the age of 30,
  • Candidates are supposed to study in the mentioned fields and should be in their last year or graduates of those programs.
  • Candidates should have for the postgraduate study a GPA of at least 3 out of 4 or 75 out of 100
  • Candidates should know the language of the country they are planning to study at a level to pursue a master's program
  • Being unable to pursue this education with parents' financial possibilities
  • Students receiving foreign scholarships are obliged to return to Turkey after their education and to pay back the amount TEV has provided them during their education.

Foreign Solution Partners

  • Since 1990 TEV has been conducting a joint scholarship program together with British Chevening for postgraduate studies in UK. Scholarships apply for the fields of engineering, economics, and social science. Scholars' tuitions are paid by the British Embassy and the living expenses are covered by TEV.
  • TEV is in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) since 1998. With this collaboration, scholarships are granted for many social and technical areas. Expenditures of scholars are paid 50% by TEV and are covered 50% by DAAD.
  • TEV has started to grant scholarships together with the French Embassy for postgraduate studies in France in 2004. Scholarships are provided for studies in the field of engineering and social science. Scholarships are determined every year by the two institutions mutually.
  • Began with the correspondence in 1986 between TEV and the International University of Japan, students  who
    are proposed by TEV are considered for  scholarships  or scholarship nominations at this university as part of the IUJ application/acceptance process.
  • Three fully equipped primary schools have been constructed in Kırşehir-Çayağzı, Istanbul-Ümraniye, and Sakarya-Akyazı with the fund donated to TEV from the majority of the income of the Garring Foundation which has been established by Karl Johannes Garring and his wife Zahide Zehra Garring. Additionally, from this fund medical devices were bought which are needed at some health institutions. Every year a total of 20 students are sent on a trip to Denmark to help them in the development of their knowledge and manners. Moreover, since 1996 scholarships for studies at the Technical University of Denmark are provided. All costs of scholars are covered from the TEV-Garring Fund.
  • TEV - SINGA (Singapore International Graduate Award) Scholarships will be given gratuitous for Ph.D. Studies at A*STAR (The Agency for Science, Technology and Research), NTU (Nanyang Technological University) and NUS (National University of Singapore) in the fields of Fundamental Sciences, Engineering, and Biomedical Sciences.