Social Activities

Social ActivitiesIn addition to providing financial support to scholarship holders, TEV organizes various activities to help them to develop socially. Therefore, TEV

1.Finds internship opportunities,

2.Organizes motivational tours and arranges technical site visits,

3.Provides free English lessons*,

4.Organizes series of meetings to give guidance and counseling services to scholars,

5.Provides free invitations for cinemas, theatres, concerts and fairs

6.Plans tree-planting campaigns

(*) Our English courses are held at the Turkish-American University Association and all our scholars benefit from this course for free. Scholars can attend at these courses 2-3 days a week. However, in case of strong demand, weekend courses are also offered. Only scholars whose education still persists can benefit from these courses. Students are classified into levels based on their placement test results. Those who want to attend at these courses should apply to the Directorate of Education at TEV’s General Directorate.