Other Contributions to Education

Other Contributions to Education

Turkish Educational Foundation has made a research with the subject 'Management in the Industry and Demand for Industrial Engineering' in order to identify the 'University-Industry Integrated Education Project' and the need for business administrators and industrial engineers in the industry.

Moreover, it has carried out the study 'Guidance and Counseling at Higher Education Institutions' which analyses the concept of adjusting guidance and counseling services to the specific needs of a country.

According to the wishes of the donors, TEV has built in areas where support is needed 15 primary schools, 3 dormitory schools and 2 Anatolian high schools. Also, in Batman a multi-purpose community center has been opened to develop young girls' manual skills. In Tekirdağ an apprenticeship training center has been dedicated to the Turkish National Education.

TEV has been chosen as the 'The Foundation of the Year in the Field of Education' in the years 1995 and 1998 because of its exemplary works.

What has been achieved in 48 years?

  • 237.586 national scholarships
  • 1.816 foreign scholarships
  • 16 Primary Schools
  • 3 High Schools
  • 3 Student Dormitories
  • 1 Multi-Purpose Community Centre
  • 1 Apprenticeship Training Center
  • 1 Library
  • TEV İnanç Türkeş Private High School – TEVİTÖL
  • (as of 2001 part of TEV)