Establishment Years

In 1990 Sezai Türkeş, a famous entrepreneur and business man, has established a foundation in memory of his wife, İnanç Türkeş, in order to open a school for poor students with outstanding talents. For this purpose, the foundation has constructed a boarding school for 300 students in 1993 on a land of 416 acres on the name Private İnanç High School.

In the academic year 1994 / 1995, education had started on a closed area of 20.000sqm, but the remaining construction work had to be ended in January 1996 because of financial difficulties.

In 1997 with the new regulation of the government to increase compulsory education to 8 years, the secondary school had to be closed and a limitation was applied to students' resources.

Years with the Turkish Education Foundation

Uncertainties about the school came to an end with the support of the Turkish Education Foundation which is providing for 35 years support to successful and talented students who are lacking financial support. TEV has taken over the school on July 10th, 2002 and rescued the school out of its downturn. Today the school continues its education under the name TEV İnanç Türkeş Private High School (TEVITÖL).