Private TEV Sedef Ölçer Higher Education Dormitory for Girl Students

Private TEV Ankara Sedef Ölçer Dormitory for Girls has a capacity of 189 students and it supports the success of our youth with confidence and comfort both in terms of physical equipment and location.

Sedef Ölçer Higher Education Girls' Dormitory's general transportation lines (municipal and public bus, Ankaray and metro) Ankara Train Station and Ankara University Tandogan, Baskent University (Faculty of Medicine), Gazi University and Hacettepe University within walking distance of the Central Campus; Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal and Ankara University Cebeci Campus, METU, TOBB Economy and Technology University, Yıldırım Beyazıt University, TED University, Ufuk University, Yüksek İhtisas University, Social Sciences University and Turgut Özal University are all accessible by car; Atılım University, Başkent University, Etimesgut Campus, Bilkent University, Çankaya University, Turkish Aeronautical Association University and Hacettepe University are all within walking distance or by car.

Fee for the Dormitory in Izmir for the academic year 2019-2020 (breakfast - dinner and service included):
- For 2 persons : 14.600 TL / Yearly
- For 4 persons: 10.400 TL / Yearly
- For 5 persons: 8.800 TL / Yearly



Address :Turna İş Merkezi No: 68 Çankaya/ANKARA

Phone : 0 312 230 89 83 - 0312 230 89 86