Leading Teacher Program

TEV has established a new program as a part of the 'New Generation Teachers Project'.

Together with the Maltepe District Governorate, TEV has organized in collaboration with JP Morgan the 'Leading Teacher Program' which will create a new understanding of new generation teachers...

TEV continues with its efforts to provide contribution to teachers which are primarily the foundation of the education system. TEV's first program was the 'Educational Project for Teachers To Make Projects' (ÖPYEP) which was implemented successfully in 2007.

Because TEV considers it a necessity to have teachers in charge who recognize the concept of educating individuals according to the new educational concept, TEV expands their 'New Generation Teachers Project' with the 'Leading Teacher Program' sponsored by JP Morgan, one of the world's leading financial institutions, led by Özgür Bolat, who was one of the Outstanding Success Scholars and is today lecturer at the Bahceşehir Üniversity and at the same time an educational consultant, and cooperated by the Istanbul Maltepe District. As part of the 'Leading Teacher Program' 56 teachers who were chosen from 8 elementary schools by the governorate of Istanbul Maltepe.

TEV's goal of the project 'New Generation Teachers' is to ensure a sophisticated education and a strong school development under the leadership of the teachers themselves, while making sure that teachers, who have analytical skills, offer a systematic approach, are open to feedback, and are able to create value, are constituted. Accordingly, TEV's Leading Teacher Program is today exercised in Maltepe as a pilot project but will be rolled out to all the teachers in Turkey.

Together with the concept of having teachers who lead, change and take responsibility, the Leading Teacher Program aims to create work environments for teachers where they can built their own in-service training, will receive school-based support and are allowed to show leadership in accordance with the impact they want to form.

A new education program, which is applied by Cambridge University on different continents in 14 countries and which is supported by TEV and the governorate of Maltepe, is used to provide a new perspective to teachers, students and parents. This approach can be considered as a revolution in education. Primarily, it is adopting an innovative style rather than a routine training model.

The project is sponsored by JP Morgan, the world's leading financial institution, and will be completed in 8 months. Results will be evaluated by the University of Cambridge.