ÖPYEP 'Educational Project for Teachers To Make Projects'

41 years after the establishment of the foundation, TEV has also made teachers part of their future plans. The project has been carried out with the trust to achieve higher benefits in education by supporting the development and training of our teachers.

To train individuals according to the new educational concept is only possible by having teachers in place who support this mentality and to increase the quality of education is just possible with well-educated teachers. With this reality in mind, TEV has closely followed developments in other countries and has signed a protocol of collaboration with the Ministry of National Education in order to contribute to a project-based notion which is centralized on students to ensure the development of individuals equipped with the needs of our time. This protocol aims to provide trainings in project preparations to teachers working at Anatolian Teacher High Schools. Today it is understood better how appropriate the decision was to start the ÖPYEP project based on the fact that 75% of the graduates from Anatolian Teacher High Schools choose higher education for teacher trainings and as a result will join the educational system as teachers in a very short time.

The Foundation of Türkiye Vodafone has provided financial support to this project, which is led by TEV and the Ministry of National Education's General Directorate of Teacher Training, and with that has become the sponsor of this initiative.

ÖPYEP has been sent to the 21st International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement, which was organized this time in New Zealand, and has won the first prize among 32 countries and 165 projects. Additionally, ÖPYEP has been selected by the Active Academy as the Social Responsibility Project of the Year. Accordingly, Vodafone has been awarded with a plaque for their precious contribution.

Another benefit created by the Ministry of National Education, TEV and Vodafone was to capture the project stages in a book to be used as reference source for future purposes.

We believe that the repetition and the extension of ÖPYEP's content and quality will make important contributions to the National Education. It is TEV's desire to organize this project together with the Ministry of Education over and over again. For this purpose, TEV will continue their efforts in finding new sponsors like the Foundation of Türkiye Vodafone, which are able to contribute to this initiative.