1st International Symposium on Gifted and Talented Education

2.5% of the world population consists of gifted and talented people. Taken this ratio into consideration, approximately 150.000 gifted people live in Turkey. The discovery and training of gifted young people, is of great importance for the future of our country. With that objective, Turkish Educational Foundation (TEV) has organized together with the Ministry of National Education (MEB) and Koç University the "1st International Symposium on Gifted and Talented Education" which has been considered as a new beginning in the education of gifted and talented young people. Other countries' experiences have been shared by participators having joined the symposium from 5 different countries. The results of the symposium will serve as guidance for the establishment of legal regulations in this area.

This international symposium has been organized by TEV and Koç University under the auspices of Nimet Çubukçu, Minister of National Education, on September 23rd -24th in order to discuss a road map to identify and train talented young people in our country.

Prof. Kim Meesook from South Korea, Prof. Dr. Joseph Renzulli, Prof. Dr. Sally Reis and Dr. June Maker from USA, Prof. Dr. Deborah Eyre from UK, Prof. Dr. Taisir Yamin from France and Prof. Dr. Heidrun Stoeger and Prof. Dr. Albert Ziegler from Germany shared their experiences about the education of gifted children in their countries. Foreign scientists evaluated with their Turkish colleagues the practices taking place in our country.

This symposium, which has been carried out for the first time in our country, has been sponsored by Vodafone, kariyer.net, Garanti Bank and Turkish Airlines (THY). All presentations and studies belonging to the domestic and foreign participants will be published as a book to be used as a permanent resource.

It has been stated that the results of this symposium will be a very important source for the Ministry of National Education while developing strategies devoted to the education of the gifted people and that it will be an important milestone for the studies conducted in our country.