Turkey's Moneybox for Van

At a press conference held in Istanbul, Turkcell publicized their new projects which aim to heal the wounds occurred after the earthquake in Van. Among the participants of that meeting were Minister of National Education Ömer Dinçer, Turkcell General Manager Süreyya Ciliv and TEV Chairman Ömer Koç.

TEV Chairman Ömer Koç said during his speech that TEV is the biggest non-governmental organization in the field of education and that TEV has given scholarships to more than 190.000 students and has established more than 25 educational institutions in Turkey since its foundation in 1967. Moreover, he said that TEV has always considered its efforts as a liability to the human welfare and the motherland by serving for the growth of the youth.

Mr. Koç has underlined the importance of the project "Turkey's Moneybox for Van" and has said that it is very meaningful for TEV due to the fact that it involves both teachers and students. Moreover, he said that TEV's principles incorporate the obligation to provide a very precise approach towards natural disasters the country is experiencing. Also in the past, TEV has supported other students with unreturned scholarships to allow them to continue their education during former natural disasters. After the disastrous earthquake recently occurred in Van and Erciş, TEV has taken immediate action. In this context, TEV has started to give scholarships at the first stage to 175 students in Van. In addition, to the scholarships provided to those students and the valuable project TEV has launched together with Turkcell, TEV is building a school with 24 classrooms.

The United Nations (UN) has presented the campaign 'Turkey's Moneybox for Van', which was started in 2011 after the natural disaster in Van by TEV in cooperation with Turkcell and the auspices of the Ministry of Education, as an example to the world. At a press conference in March 2012 in Istanbul, UN publicized this campaign as a benchmark on how public and private sectors and the society can act together.

Hosted by the UN Development Program and UN Permanent Representative of Turkey, UN organized a program called 'Flexibility and Innovations that Institutions Revealed in Disaster Situations'. The meeting was held with the participation of UN General Deputy of Secretary, UN Development Program Vice-President Rebeca Grynspan, UN Development Program (UNDP) General Deputy of Secretary Cihan Sultanoğlu, UN Development Program Vice Chairman Jordan Ryan, Former Minister of National Education Prof. Dr. Ömer Dinçer, TEV General Manager Yıldız Günay and Turkcell General Manager Süreyya Ciliv.