Application and Selection Process


TEV's Master's Degree scholarships for abroad studies are published all over Turkey every year in October in Turkey's biggest newspapers for two days. Moreover, in October and November those scholarships are published on our web site. Additionally, related faculties will receive it as an announcement. Candidates who qualify for those scholarship programs have to apply directly to TEV within the given timeframe. Scholarships are only granted to students who are going to be accepted from the universities in the U.S. and in Western European countries with whom TEV is working in collaboration. After the announcement of the scholarship programs, the list of universities, for which scholarships will be given, can be obtained from TEV or the institutions which give scholarships in collaboration with TEV.

Candidates do not need to provide TEV their acceptances from the foreign universities. However, they should contact the universities themselves as of November and inform TEV about their acceptances within the prescribed period.

Scholarship candidates will be evaluated by TEV based on their GPA during their higher education, their proficiencies in foreign languages, exam results measuring their professional knowledge (GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS etc.), interview results (The interview commission will be formed by faculty members based on the areas the majority of the candidates has applied for and by representatives from institutions TEV works in collaboration with.) and their parents' financial situation.

The details about our scholarship topics are given every year in the appendixes of our announcements.


  • To be a citizen of the Turkish Republic and under the age of 30,
  • Candidates are supposed to study in mentioned fields within the boundaries of Turkey and should be in their last year or graduates of those programs. (For MBA studies applicants are required to be graduates).
  • Candidates should have for the postgraduate study a GPA of at least 3 out of 4 or 75 out of 100 (Those who attend the I. learning program at Turkish universities can apply to our scholarships).
  • Candidates should know the language of the country they are planning to study in at a level to pursue a Master's program (Language test results can be given to TEV after the scholarship application within the predetermined time limit).

1) Those who will study in English should score at least 79-80 in the TOEFL exam or 6.5 in the IELTS. If the Master's program will be in English, adequacy of professional knowledge is measured via GMAT for business management studies and GRE for other fields. Candidates must be ranked in the top 50% in those tests.

2) Candidates who know German, French and Italian should certify that their language proficiency is sufficient to study a Master's program in the applicable country.