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TEV Scholarships for Technical and Vocational High School Students

Turkish Educational Foundation provides scholarships to university, higher education school and vocational higher education school students, who are successful but lack financial support. Scholars are chosen by a committee formed by the educational institution in accordance with TEV's scholarship criteria. A representative from TEV joins the selections as well.

Application period for a scholarship program is September 20th – October 20th

The application form for TEV Scholarships needs to be filled out online on, printed from the web site and send together with the rest of the required documents to universities' student offices or scholarship offices.


Turkish Educational Foundation has started to grand scholarships for outstanding success since 2007 in order to support future's leaders. Students who are ranked in the Undergraduate Placement Examination (LYS) in the top 2000 in the categories MF1, MF2, MF3, MF4, TM1, TM2, TM3, TS1, TS2 are allowed to apply. Students who are going to study in the fields of fundamental science and ranked within the first 3000 are also eligible for a scholarship application.

Candidates who want to take advantage of this scholarship program need to fill out the application form on our web site until September 20th, 2013, print it from the web site and submit it together with the required documents not later than 23 September 2013 to the General Directorate of the Turkish Educational Foundation.

Application period for the scholarship for outstanding success has been ended.


Turkish Educational Foundation has commenced a dormitory project particularly for girl students in order to meet their need for a modern, safe and comfortable housing while moving to big cities for their university studies. For that purpose, two dormitories for girl students have been opened in Izmir-Balçova and Trabzon.

There are two ways to apply for housing at the dormitories:

  • Paid accommodation: Students pay their share to stay in these dormitories, which offer healthy and safe conditions to work and to accommodate. (There is no time constrain for these kind of applications. The same application form can be used to apply at the directorate of dormitories.)
  • Scholarships for Lodging: Successful students, who need financial support, can apply for an accommodation in the dormitories with a scholarship (in other words, without making any payments to the dormitory), if they have the qualifications to apply for such a program.

Applications for the dormitory scholarship have started.

Students who want to apply for lodging at TEV Dormitories for Girl Students must submit until September 10th the application form, which they have to fill out online and print from the web site, and the rest of the documents to dormitories' directorates. (Additional quota will be announced on September 16th)

No more applications are accepted for the scholarship for our dormitories in Trabzon and Izmir.


Turkish Educational Foundation grants scholarships to Master's and PhD students who are devoted the principles and reforms of Atatürk, have strong national values and a solid character, and are reliable but in need of financial support. Only the ones who are studying at theses required programs may benefit from the scholarships.

Application days for a scholarship program are September 20th – October 31st

The application form for TEV Scholarships needs to be filled out online on, printed from the web site and send together with the rest of the required documents to institutes' offices.