Scholarships for Master's & Doctorate Studies

TEV gives scholarships to master and doctorate students who are successful, devoted to the principles and reforms of Atatürk and have strong national values and a solid character, but lack financial support. Students studying at programs where theses are required can benefit from this scholarship.


  • I- Insufficient financial conditions: In need of financial support according to wealth and income, not working for a gainful job, and not getting payments from any private or public institution, not having a salary or any scholarship.
  • II- Success Criteria:
    • a) For a Master's Degree: The general average of the graduate should be at least 3 out of 4 or 75 if it is out of 100,
    • b) For a Doctorate Program: The general average at the graduation from the Bachelor's program or Master's program should be at least 3 out of 4 or 75 out of 100,
    • Age: The candidates should be under 30 for a Master's degree and under 35 for doctorate degree (Research assistants are allowed to apply).


Those who want to apply for a scholarship should complete the online TEV Scholarship Application Form between October September 1st and  30th and add following documents to the application and submit them to the respective educational institutions:

  • a) For a Master's Program: A transcript which shows all taken courses, their grades, and the GPA and additionally the acceptance and registration documents for the postgraduate study. In regards to the postgraduate study, students should itemize clearly the registration date, the semester, if they are taking any preparatory classes and if the program is with or without a thesis.
  • b) For doctorate students: Their transcripts for both, graduate and postgraduate studies, which will show all taken courses, their grades, and the GPA. Additionally, the documents showing their acceptance and registration to the doctorate study are required. The registration date, the semester, and the field of the doctorate study have to be shown explicitly.
  • c)For all applicants;
    • Two recommendation letters from faculty members, whose field of expertise and their research programs have to be mentioned; an essay which describes motives of the candidates for attending at a master's or doctorate program, and their resumes have to be submitted to the Directorate of the Institute as soon as possible.
    • The candidates who are about to work on their theses should add to the other documents a report showing their grades during the postgraduate and graduate programs.
    • TEV's 'Conscious Responsibility Document' which you will find at the end of the online scholarship application form, a copy of your identity registration taken from the Directorate of Population or from district offices, proof of residency showing parents' location or a residential address proof, birth certificate copy, two passport-size photographs, student certificate taken from an approved educational institution, copy of bank statement showing the debit account opened on behalf of the student, documents showing the financial position of the family (pay-slips for payroll holders, copy of income tax return for self-employed, bank statement showing the monthly pension for retirees, in case of no income a statement from the Social Security Institution showing that there is no record for father and mother).


The scholarship committees, which belong to the institutional directorate, select main and reserve candidates out of the applicants based on the allocations determined by TEV for the scholarship programs. The members of the committee will create a protocol which will contain in an appendix the application documents of all chosen candidates. That protocol has to be sent to the General Directorate of the Turkish Educational Foundation. The official results will be directly communicated to students in writing and additionally TEV's website ( will announce the scholars.


Scholarship payments will start latest within a period of one month after the beginning of each academic year to the students who have been selected for the TEV's scholarship program and who have completed their necessary documents after the official announcement. Payments are taking place between October and June for 9 months. During the other months there are no scholarship payments.


The students who meet at the end of the academic year the success criteria of the Domestic Scholarship Regulations are eligible to receive their scholarships throughout their normal education period. Scholarships are ended in June when students have finished their normal education period.


Each TEV scholar considers it as a contentious responsibility and, therefore, accepts to pay back the amount, which has been paid to him by TEV, when starting a career or by providing scholarship to another student via TEV, or, as a last option, by identifying someone who is going to make donations to TEV on behalf of him.