Scholarships for Abroad Studies in Medicine

(Applications for 2013 have been ended. Our announcement for 2014 will be published in November-December 2013. Underneath information is for the year 2013.)

From the scholarship fund of our deceased benefactor Dr. Birman Orhan, specialized medical doctors, who have limited financial possibilities but are supported by their institutions for their outstanding achievements, will receive an international scholarship for researches in the academic year 2013-2014 in order to exercise specific projects which are applicable to medical doctors and graduates from medical schools, to enrich their knowledge, experience and know-how within a specialized scope and to put those developments into practice upon return in the institutions which recommended their abroad studies.



Successful medical doctors who have the support from their institutions will be given scholarships in the U.S. and in Western European countries for fundamental science and executions, which are needed in our country, in order to supplement the development of medicine in Turkey. Those fields are

  • Emergency Medicine,
  • Public Health,
    • Epidemiology
    • Information Technology Consulting in Health Care (Health Care Information Technology),
  • Stem Cell Application in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases,
  • Neurodegenerative Diseases,
  • Molecular Medicine,
  • Genetic
  • Pathology
  • Pediatric Infectious Diseases,
  • Intensive Care,
  • Pediatric
  • Adult – also open for Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology experts
  • Forensic Toxicology
  • Pharmacology.

Additionally, recommendations about sub branches of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics will be taken into consideration.


Scholarships will be announced through medical schools and teaching hospitals each year in November, December, and January.


Duration of the scholarship shall not be less than 6 months but also not be longer than two years. The candidate has to indicate in his application the time which is needed.


  • Scholars can only work in one foreign country during their scholarship period and at one or two institutes during that time.
  • Number of scholarships are determined each year by the Board of Directors of TEV according to the budget possibilities
  • The scholarship covers the cost of living expenses, but the school registration fees (tuitions) are excluded.
  • Because these scholarships are provided with the main goal to improve the level of health care in Turkey, the candidates need to fulfill following requirements:
    • The applicant needs to verify that the chosen subject of his study is in the interest of the institute or department
    • The institute, the applicant is or will be working for, needs to certify that his work area will create interaction between himself, his environment and our country and if possible that there will be no staffing problem within their organization in this field of study.
    • The applicant has to provide a letter from the foreign institution that the subject and the scope of his study are accepted and that they are not going to ask for fees for the agreed field of study (except for doctoral courses), trainings or administrations.


  • Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and under the age of 40
  • Having graduated from medical schools in Turkey with a good or higher degree
  • Having completed a specialization in medicine
  • Being employed at a medical faculty and or a teaching hospital and being nominated by the institution for this program
  • Having a sufficient understanding of foreign languages to conduct the studies abroad
  • A detailed CV and an application form
  • A detailed population record, a copy of the identity card and two passport photos
  • A committee report obtained from an official institution
  • A transcript showing the graduate point average and all the courses taken during the medicine study together with their grades
  • A certified copy of the diploma in medicine
  • A certified copy of the medicine diploma for specialization
  • Names of published scientific articles, attended conventions, and given speeches during the specialization period and the notes of the academic records
  • Recommendation letters to be taken from 2 faculty members who have worked with the candidate during his medical studies
  • A detailed report which explains the rationale for studying abroad and the path to achieve his goals
  • A letter from the institution head or the clinical chief, which indicates that the institute, which has given its acceptance to the applicant, is appropriate for a study in the pursued field.
  • A certificate from the dean or chief of the medical institution verifying that the candidate is employed in their institution and will continue to work for the organization upon return, and that the proposed study will be beneficial for the institute and for the country.
  • Acceptance from the research and education institution in the foreign country
  • Proving with a valid document that the proficiency of English is sufficient (i.e. Foreign Language Exam for Associate Professorship, State Officers Exam, IELTS or TOEFL) or having passed a language test as requested by Turkish Educational Foundation

Candidates' files with all the necessary documents need to be submitted to TEV latest until March 29th, 2013.


Candidates, who can prove that their proficiency of foreign languages is sufficient and that they have received their acceptances from the abroad institutions, will be invited for interviews. Applicants have to pay the costs of their transportations for the interviews themselves. The committee in charge of the interviews will nominate the candidates by assessing their applications, reviewing their projects, and interviewing them. The final decision will be made by the Board of Directors of TEV.


Scholars, who have been endowed with TEV's scholarship, accept to provide in advance a warranty and a suretyship, which have to be certified by the notary, and to return to Turkey immediately after completing their studies or educations. Additionally, scholars accept it as a mandatory obligation to pay back to TEV in installments the complete amount, which has been given in foreign currencies to them, after their return to Turkey when they will start to work again, so that other youngsters will be able to get similar opportunities to develop themselves further. To ensure that scholars receive the best education, a consultant from the interview committee will be assigned to each candidate to follow their developments. The scholar is supposed to submit every quarter a report about his studies to his consultant. (It is the responsibility of the consultant to inform TEV every 3 months about scholars' developments in his quarter report.)

Scholars who are supposed to stay abroad for two years have to provide to the Foundation a letter from the institution they are working for and their institution in Turkey at the end of their first year which states that their period has been prolonged by one more year. The scholars, who have completed their research studies and have returned to Turkey, must deliver to the Turkish Educational Foundation a document issued by the authority of their institute abroad.