Dormitory Scholarships for Girl Students

Turkish Educational Foundation has implemented the project ‘Dormitories for Girls' in order to provide modern, secure and comfortable housing in big cities for girl students. For this purpose, TEV has opened two Girls' Dormitories, one in Izmir-Balçova and the other one in Trabzon.

There are two types of applications for those dormitories possible:

  • Paid Accommodation: Students pay their share to stay in these dormitories, which offer healthy and safe conditions to work and to accommodate.
  • Scholarships for Lodging: Successful students, who need financial support, can apply for an accommodation in the dormitories with a scholarship (in other words, without making any payments to the dormitory), if they have the qualifications to apply for such a program.
  • Application dates for the dormitory scholarships are August 15th – September 15th.
  • The application form for TEV's scholarship has to be filled out online on the web site and needs to be printed afterwards. That print-out needs to be added to the other required documents and the application folder has to be submitted to dormitories' directorate.
  • There is no time constrain for students who will pay for the lodging themselves. They can fill out the same form and apply to the directorate of the dormitories as well.

Students, who want to register at TEV's Dormitories for Girl Students for the academic year 2013-2014, have to fill out a printed version of the application form underneath and submit together with the rest of the required documents to the directorates of the dormitories between August 15th – September 15th. Additional quota will be announced on September 16th.


Features of the Private TEV Cumhuriyet Higher Education Dormitory for Girl Students:

This dormitory can host up to 373 girl students and is located closely to the general transportation lines in Izmir and is at the same time situated nearby Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir University of Economics, and Izmir University. For the Ege University, every morning a shuttle bus is available. In the dormitory the rooms are designed for 3 people; each room is accommodated with a bathroom, toilet and wireless internet.

The dormitory has 124 rooms for 3 people and 1 room for a disabled person. Offering a modern living environment for girl students, the dormitory consists of several units such as a dining hall, computer laboratory, study rooms, recreational area equipped with a TV set, rooms for visitors, infirmary, pay phone, laundry room with washing machines and drying tumbler. The dormitory is equipped with a security camera system and a professional security team is working every day for 24 hours in the building. Additionally, each student receives an insurance package against personal accidents.

Students living in the dormitory are supported in terms of social development. Therefore, trainings are given in areas like collective living, determination of career objectives, English, leadership, development of personal and social skills. Our students can also benefit from the sport center next to the dormitory. Meals are offered in the dormitory as well.


Features of the Private TEV Trabzon Dormitory for Girl Students:

The dormitory is located at 1.5 km away from the Karadeniz Technical University and is providing every day a shuttle service to the university. The Turkish Educational Foundation Trabzon Dormitory for Girl Students has a capacity of 250 beds. It consists of 63 rooms for 4 people, which are equipped with private bathrooms and toilets, and additionally of 2 rooms for disabled students. Offering a modern living environment for girl students, the dormitory comprises of several units, such as cafeteria, kitchen, canteen, hobby and game rooms, multi-purpose hall, conference and meeting rooms, TV room, study room, and computer room. A professional security team is on duty at the dormitory for 24 hours a day. The dormitory also includes studio type guest rooms to provide lodging for families who visit their daughters at the dormitory.

Students living in the dormitory are supported in terms of social development. Therefore, trainings are given in areas like collective living, determination of career objectives, English, leadership, development of personal and social skills.

Meals are offered in the dormitory as well.


Features of the Private TEV Sedef Ölçer Higher Education Dormitory for Girl Students :

Private TEV Ankara Sedef Ölçer Dormitory for Girls has a capacity of 189 students and it supports the success of our youth with confidence and comfort both in terms of physical equipment and location. Sedef Ölçer Higher Education Girls' Dormitory's general transportation lines (municipal and public bus, Ankaray and metro) Ankara Train Station and Ankara University Tandogan, Baskent University (Faculty of Medicine), Gazi University and Hacettepe University within walking distance of the Central Campus; Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal and Ankara University Cebeci Campus, METU, TOBB Economy and Technology University, Yıldırım Beyazıt University, TED University, Ufuk University, Yüksek İhtisas University, Social Sciences University and Turgut Özal University are all accessible by car; Atılım University, Başkent University, Etimesgut Campus, Bilkent University, Çankaya University, Turkish Aeronautical Association University and Hacettepe University are all within walking distance or by car.


Local and foreign girl students, who study at state universities or foundation universities, can stay at TEV's Girl Dormitories by paying the necessary accommodation fee. Those who want to apply for lodging should fill out the application form, which can be printed from the link below, and send it together with the other required documents to the directorate of the dormitory.


Turkish Educational Foundation provides scholarships for loding, in other words provides free accomadation at TEV's dormitories, to girls who are studying at state universities in Izmir and Trabzon, are devoted to the principles and reforms of Atatürk, have strong national values, are reliable and have sound personalities, are successful students, but lack finanacial support.

Application Criteria :

Applications for the Private TEV Cumhuriyet Higher Education Dormitory for Girl Students in İzmir-Balçova and the Private TEV Trabzon Dormitory for Girl Students will be accepted for candidates who study at state university and meet TEV's scholarship criteria listed below.

Girl students are allowed to apply for the dormitories in Izmir-Balçova and Trabzon, if their families are living respectively outside of Izmir and outside of Trabzon. Applications from residence of remote districts will be assessed by the committee.

Requirements :

  • Being a citizen of the Turkish Republic,
  • Being devoted to the principles and reforms of Atatürk,
  • Financial Hardship:
    • Being in need of financial support according to income and assets, not working for any income generating activities
  • Success Criteria
    • For new registrants to higher education: Having a high ranking based on the entry score for the program of the faculty or the higher education school (Applicants with higher rankings across Turkey will be prioritized).
    • For students in intermediate classes: Having no failed courses or having a general point average of at least 2.5 out of 4 (at least 60 for institutions using the 100 points system) and being eligible to transition to the upper class. (Those who have a suitable grade average, but have failed in 3 and more courses, cannot apply.)
    • Being strong and reliable in terms of personality and national values

Note: Those who are studying at evening programs, participating at distance learning, paying for their education, participating at exchange programs, or are married do not qualify as a candidate for the TEV Dormitory Scholarship.

Additional Documents :

Candidates need to add following files to the completed TEV Girl Students Dormitory Application Form and deliver it to the given addresses of the dormitories:

  • A student certificate approved by the educational institution,
  • A copy of YKS Exam Results (can be printed from the internet as well),
  • A transcript that shows all taken lessons together with their grades and the overall grade point average and which has to be approved by the educational institution (Not necessary for paid applications),
  • A copy of detailed population register taken from the Directorate of Population
  • Parents' Residential Address Proof which shows the location of their residence,
  • A copy of the identity pass
  • 6 passport size photographs,
  • Documents that show the financial situation of the family (pay slips for payroll owners, copy of income tax statements for self-employed, for retirees a copy of the bank accounts that show monthly incomes, and in case of no income, a statement from the Social Security Institution which approves that parents are not registered in the system (can be obtained also from the internet)). (These documents are not needed for paid applications).

Delivery Address for Application Forms :

Completed application forms can be send together with the rest of the documents to the directorates of the dormitories by hand delivery, fax or by email. (For fax and email submissions, original documents need to be provided later on to the directorates.)


Private TEV Cumhuriyet Higher Education Dormitory for Girls
Korutürk Mahallesi Lider Sokak No:21-23
Balçova / İzmir
Tel: 0232 278 27 27
Fax: 0232-278 08 34


Private TEV Trabzon Dormitory for Girls
2 Nolu Bostancı Mah. Şahin Sok. No: 6
Tel: 0462 888 01 00
Fax: 0462 888 01 04


Private TEV Ankara Dormitory for Girls
Akay Cad. No: 22/5 Bakanlıklar-Ankara
Pbx: 0 312 417 41 90
Fax: 0 312 418 79 99

Private TEV Trabzon Dormitory for Girls :

After the announcement that the dormitory scholarship has been granted, candidates can start staying in the dormitories with the approval of the Dormitory Officer, if all necessary documents have been provided.

Termination of the Scholarship :

Scholarship for accommodation in a dormitory will be provided throughout the normal education period (September-June) for students who are certified to be successful. At the end of the normal education period, the lodging for students in the dormitory will be finished. Students may stay in the dormitories during summer school and internships.