Messages from You

I am Tulay Candemir. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to TEV for their material and moral support during the academic years 2004- 2006. It is my indebtedness to you to pay back your support as much as possible. Today, I have donated a decent amount to your TEV Akbank Branch but I will continue with my donations as much as I can. Thanks again for your support.

Tülay Candemir
Graduated TEV Scholar

I was born in Bursa in 1992. I am your scholar studying Anthropology in my 3rd year at the Cumhuriyet University. I have started to study despite the limited financial possibilities of my family, but my conditions have improved today thanks to your support. I'm also able to back financially my family today. I'm confident that I'll achieve big successes in Turkey thanks to your help. Thank you very much again and best regards,

Jale Avyüzen
Cumhuriyet University Anthropology Student

Dear Leaders and Donors of TEV, my name is Ozan Doğruyol and I am one of your scholars. I am grateful for becoming part of your family which is filled with love, respect and sharing. I have completed my studies with the scholarship you had given to me. I am the only male child of a poor family; therefore their one and only hope for the future. Despite the challenges in the past, I have reached these days with your support. With the main goal not to disappoint you, I have always tried to be a good representative of yours and this will also persist in the future. I owe you a lot. Expressing my gratitude and praying for you, will never be enough. As long as I live, I'll pay my debt of conscience.

Ozan Doğruyol
Graduated Scholar from Giresun University Keşap Vocational School

Dear TEV Managers, I have finished successfully my medical education with your material and moral support. Your contribution in becoming a good person in life and a good doctor devoted to people's health has a big role in my life. I am really grateful to your support. Thank you very much TEV and its team.

Best Regards,
Dr. Ozan Akıncı

Thanks a lot to the valuable TEV family and its donors because of their irreplaceable support. I promise with all my sincerity that after my graduation the highest duty of mine will be making donations to TEV.

Ramazan Kapdıkaçdı
Student of the Hacettepe University, Eng. Fac., Physics Engineering Dept.

I am Elanur at the age of 18 years and studying in my last year at the high school. My father is a retired bus driver. My ultimate goal is to continue with my education and to study. While it was not possible to realize my dream, I have been informed about Turkish Educational Foundation and that they provide scholarships to vocational high school students. Accordingly, I have applied for a scholarship and now I'm receiving for the last two years a scholarship from TEV. Thanks to that scholarship it will be now possible for me to realize my dream to finish my school. Thanks to everyone who provided me this scholarship.

Elanur Tebrizcik
Erzurum Yakutiye Technical and Industrial Vocational High School

Dear Managers at TEV, you cannot imagine to what extend the scholarship you have offered to my son Bora Usanmaz has pleased us. Despite the fact that my son had the first place in 2008 in the OKS exam across Turkey, in 2012 the first place in the YGS exam across Bilecik, provincial first places in the LYS exam in the categories MF1 and MF4, our family had limited possibilities to provide him a proper future and we have received very limited support from other institutions. But you gave us strength. No matter if my son will receive a scholarship or not, my wife, my older son and my little son, all of them will register this year to the university. After their undergraduate study, I promise you to provide TEV all kind of support. Many thanks for your valuable offer. I express my sincere gratitude to all of you. I can assure you that I'm currently missing the words to express my gratitude and satisfaction.

Best Regards,
Yakup Usanmaz