Announcements and Activities

As the General Directorate of TEV, we held our first ‘Introductory Meeting' on May 16th, 2013 with the participation of 22 volunteering candidates

Our first message to our volunteering candidates:

We leave an impact on everything we touch in our lives. That touch can be sometimes very smooth which can to give compassion, and sometimes it can be as powerful as to give courage. 

As the TEV family, we know that it is possible to touch our students’ lives by ensuring education, enlightening them, and becoming their hopes with our contributions

For this reason, we expect all volunteering candidates to attend at our 'Introductory Meeting' to become the light and the hope to our students, “Let’s put our hearts together.” 

As the TEV General Directorate, we have organized on June 13th, 2013 after the first introductory meeting, our "Informative Meeting about Volunteering" with the participation of all unit supervisors and 4 volunteers. With this participation we have determined our first ever volunteers.