Areas of Volunteering

Candidates can either support our foundation according to their own knowledge, skills, experience and expertise or volunteer in main working areas as follows:

Fund Raising: Volunteers can help in making connections with individuals and/or institutions, which are willing to make donations to enhance the resources of the foundation. As a result of those connections, volunteers are expected to they ensure procure monetary donations or alike.

Donors and Testators: Together with authorized people, volunteers arrange make periodic visits to donors, to provide them moral support and direct their requests to relevant people in foundation. 

Scholar Selections:  Volunteers are making selections of scholars according to the available quota assigned by the foundation to each educational institution in Turkey. In other cities, where branches exist, volunteers are accompanied by authorized people from the foundation during the selection process; representing the foundation and making selections properly. Additionally, volunteers ensure that announcements are done on time and in a proper format.

Administration: Volunteers support the activities in the head office or branch offices based on their personal and professional skills, i.e., taking orders on the phone for wreath donations, giving operational support for communicational activities, scholar selections and doing follow-ups in the selection process.

Projects and Communication: Volunteers can also support project-based events and organizations which are not part of the existing volunteering areas. For instance, distribution of concert invitations, dinner organizations for donors, booth presentations, arrangement of conferences.

Education: Volunteers who are experts or certified trainers in areas such as personal development or technical education can give educational support.