.Volunteering at TEV

What is Volunteering?

“Volunteering” can be defined as an individual’s activities, which are driven by a social initiative based on one’s desire or towards a need, for the people who are not from his close circle without any monetary or expectation; to achieve goals which will bring benefits to the society.


Volunteering at TEV

The ethics of volunteering at TEV consists of values such as solidarity, belonging, mutual trust, and reinforcement, which all make a meaningful contribution to the quality of life.


  • Volunteering at TEV means loving life more.
  • Volunteering at TEV is not expecting solutions from someone else, but using individual strengths to produce them.
  • Volunteering at TEV means loving without expecting something in return.
  • Volunteering at TEV is consciousness and responsibility.
  • Volunteering at TEV is internal tranquility and happiness.
  • Volunteering at TEV means gaining trust and being honest.
  • Volunteering at TEV means teaching others how to share.
  • Volunteering at TEV means not letting our donors to feel that they are “alone”.
  • Volunteering at TEV means asking yourself "Am I a good role model?"
  • Volunteering at TEV means feeling oneself as part of the TEV family.

Who Can be a Volunteer?

Having the necessary education, occupation, and personal quality, which will contribute to activities and functions that are following the purpose, vision, and mission of the foundation; are the conditions of becoming a volunteer at TEV.

How can I become a Volunteer?

Candidates can receive information about volunteering from www.tev.org.tr or can get in contact with branch offices, to apply for volunteering by determining the working area and filling out the volunteering application form which is only available in Turkish.


Steps to Become a Volunteer


Candidates’ online applications for volunteering are transferred automatically to the information system of the foundation and available to be viewed in application status.


Anyone who wants to serve as a volunteer for the foundation needs to follow the steps below.


Introductory Meeting

This is a half-day meeting that describes the vision, mission, fields of activities, organizational structure of the foundation, and responsibilities of departments’ at head office. The meeting is organized by authorized person of Volunteers.

Elementary Volunteering Meeting

Elementary Volunteering Meetings are organized under two main topics:

1.Informing about Volunteering

This is a half - day meeting designed to share the concept of volunteering for new applicants, the criteria to become a volunteer at TEV, and the behavioral competencies expected from volunteers.


2. Points to Take in Consideration About Communication


This is a half - day informative meeting which contains subjects such as corporate culture of the foundation, points to be taken into consideration while communicating with employees and donors.

After the introduction, candidates are asked to read the “Regulation of Volunteering” and receive a copy of the document against signature. 

All candidates who have filled out the Application Form for Volunteering are expected to provide 2 passport photographs, a copy of their identity card, a copy of their diploma (if it is possible), and their certificate of criminal records.